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Further development of Shalom Children’s Home

December 2011

Construction of a second floor has begun; this will provide additional sleeping areas for the staff and the children.

The name of the overall project has now been changed to Shalom Sustainability Farm, as in addition to caring for children, we are also providing assistance to poor families and widows through our other project activities. (  In conjunction with the current building extension, we‘re also building accommodation for widows, who will assist with cooking, cleaning and gardening duties at the home. A ‘win win’ situation.

Encouraging donation received

October 2011

We were delighted to receive, and pass on, a generous donation made by consulting firms GRM International and Kramer Ausenco to Shalom Children’s Home.   As per the news item back in July 2007, BR’s Director and Principal consultant Geoff Hales was appointed by GRM to work as Technical Director of its Procurement Agent’s [PA] team, which included Kramer Ausenco, for the 65 million USD infrastructure MCA Program in Vanuatu.  Following the successful completion of the program this year, GRM International and Kramer Ausenco made the donation stating it was in recognition of Geoff’s efforts ‘over the last few years on our Vanuatu Program and his leadership role in bringing this [the PA services] to a successful conclusion’.  Our company and Shalom Children’s Home are very thankful for the donation.

Barnewall Resources assisting with QLD LGAA program

June 2011

CT Management Group (CTM) has engaged BR’s Director and Principal Consultant, Geoff Hales, .to provide asset management consultancy services to several Queensland Regional Councils as part of the Local Government Advancing Asset (LGAA) Management Program.  The program, being implemented by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), aims to develop the asset management capability of Queensland Councils. LGAQ engaged CTM as the lead consultants to undertake the roll out of the project.

Barnewall Resources extending its services

December 2009

2009 has seen a greater development of informal partnerships with other small consulting firms who have capabilities that complement ours.  Our clients have already benefit from these new partnerships as we have been able to provide them infrastructure management services outside our normal capacity.  For instance, through teaming up with consulting firm Averdyn Ptd Ltd, we are currently providing design and project management services for the refurbishment of an existing water supply pump station in SE QLD.

To obtain a copy of the current list of services provided by ourselves in conjunction with our partners, please contact Geoff Hales (refer contact page)

Completion of Stage 1 of Shalom Children’s Home

December 2009

The new buildings

The new buildings

Further to our news of December 2008, we are pleased to announce that Stage 1 of SHALOM CHILDREN’S HOME is now complete and providing care and accommodation for 19 orphan boys.  Stage 1 consists of an accommodation block, kitchen, amenities, electricity connection and a potable water supply bore.  The children attend local primary and secondary schools, receive after school tuition and have access to medical care.

Directors Geoff and Karen Hales had the opportunity to visit the home in June and participate in the opening ceremony.  Work is now underway to develop farming activities, so the home can become self-sufficient.

We are very grateful to our clients for their continued utilisation of our services, and for our sub-consultants who have enabled us to expand our services.  As a result of this, we have been able to make a greater financial contribution to the home this year.

Barnewall Resources pledges funds towards construction of a new orphanage in India

December 2008

Director Geoff Hales with orphans

Director Geoff Hales with orphans

As 2008 quickly draws to a close, we’d like to express our appreciation to our valued clients for their continued support and use of our services during the year.

Once again, rather than giving gifts or hosting functions, we’ve chosen to mark our thanks to our clients by making a financial contribution to help people in need.

This year, we have pledged to provide funds towards the development of a new orphanage, called SHALOM HOME, in Madurai in southern India.  Director’s Geoff and Karen Hales, had the opportunity to travel to Madurai in October to meet the people behind the orphanage (along with 12 orphan boys they have already taken in),  visit the site and view the concept plans.  Geoff and Karen were moved by the obvious needs, but also impressed by the vision, commitment and integrity of those behind the orphanage.

With donations made by BARNEWALL RESOURCES and the Hales family,  theynow have 40% of the funds required for Stage 1 of the orphanage.  Although this is sufficient to get work underway, there’s still much more required; so if you, or you company would like to assist by providing a donation towards building SHALOM HOME, please contact us.  NB At this stage donations are not tax-deductable.

The future site of SHALOM HOME

The future site of SHALOM HOME

To read further details about our involvement in this project and the financial breakdown of needs, please click on the link below.

Shalom Home update … (pdf)

Director assists on Asset Management committees

September 2008

Barnewall Resources’ Director and Principal Consultant, Geoff Hales, has joined the following committees this year:

  • Infrastructure Asset Management Subcommittee for ASTM International; and
  • Asset Management Specialist Network Committee for the Australian and Water Association

Geoff is looking forward to participating on these committees, and in doing so helping facilitate the increased promotion and development of effective asset management practices

Barnewall Resources launches its Multi-media Services

March 2008


To compliment its Asset and Project Management services, BARNEWALL RESOURCES is now offering multi-media services.

The services utilise the experience and capabilities of company co-director Karen Hales, along with specialist equipment and software the company has acquired.

Since the company’s establishment, Karen has been in the background using her creative visual design capabilities to support the company’s development. From 2006, several external organisations have discovered her abilities and started to utilise her to produce promotional videos. With Karen enjoying being able to express her creativity through multi-media services such as video productions, we have decided now to promote these services through the company.

For further information on our multi-media services click here.

Barnewall Resources contributes to a trust bank group this Christmas

December 2007

We’d like to express our appreciation to our valued clients for their continued support and use of our services during 2007. Once again, rather than giving gifts or hosting functions, we’ve chosen to thank our clients by making a financial contribution to help people in need. This year, we have sponsored half of a trust bank group in West Timor through Opportunity International 

Photo from Opportunity International website

Photo from
Opportunity International website

A Trust Bank is a group of 15 to 30 poor but entrepreneurial people, who co-guarantee each other’s loans in order to start small businesses and support their families.

The Trust Bank methodology is a collateral-free group-lending program used by Opportunity International to service the poorest of the working poor who lack access to credit through any other means because they have little or no assets.

We have been quite impressed with the success of Trust Banks, and their effectiveness in sustainably combating poverty, not just treating the symptoms.

If you would like to read about Trust Banks, please visit

Barnewall Resources funds new bore to provide water for a community in Southern India

July 2007

Misal Bore2_small1

Misal Bore_small1

In keeping with our philosophy of looking for opportunities for BARNEWALL RESOURCES to assist people in need in third world countries, we recently donated funds to sink a bore in India.

Previously the women of the village of Misalnear the Bay of Bengal in Southern India had to walk for up to 3 hours a day to collect fresh water for drinking and cooking.

Barnewall Resources working with Asset Mapping Services

July 2007

BARNEWALL RESOURCES has started to engage the services of Asset Mapping Services for asset data capture projects. The company, headed up by Rod Tansley was established in early 2007. It provides a complete data capture service from project inception to data delivery.

One current project is assisting a water authority client that has incomplete and inaccurate records of its pipeline valves. Asset Mapping Services is reviewing and updating the data in the field, to produce a new reliable set of records configured for upload into the authority’s GIS and AM database. Their scope has recently been extended to include the upload component of work.

For more information, including contact details, on Asset Mapping Services visit

Barnewall Resources renews involvement in Vanuatu

July 2007

BARNEWALL RESOURCES’ Director and Principal Consultant, Geoff Hales, has gained an opportunity to assist with the Millennium Challenge Account program in Vanuatu. The program, funded by the United State’s Millennium Challenge Corporation, utilises a 65million USD grant from the US Government and aims to reduce transport costs and improve access reliability on several islands in Vanuatu. The key project involves a design and build contract for roads, air-strips, wharves and bridges. The program concludes in 2011.

GRM International Pty Ltd, a leading international resource and development management company based in Brisbane, has secured the role to manage the procurement of capital works, goods and services associated with the entire program. They have partnered with the Kramer Group, a pacific based engineering consulting firm, to provide the services.

Geoff has been appointed as Technical Director of the team, and as such is responsible for providing technical oversight for the planning and implementation of procurement activities. He is personally excited with this opportunity to assist with another aid project that will have a significant and positive impact in Vanuatu.

For more information on the program click on MCA – Vanuatu website

Barnewall Resources helps assist those in need this Christmas

November 2006

We’d like to thank our valued clients for their continued support and use of our services during 2006. This year, rather than giving Christmas gifts, we decided to thank our clients by making some donations on their behalf to two World Vision Projects in Africa.


Clean Water for a Community in Liberia

Through one donation, World Vision will be able to sink 400 new wells, repair damaged hand pumps and give training on water and sanitation issues to an entire Liberian Community

Photos from World Vision website

Photos from World Vision website

Fish Farm in Liberia

An additional donation will be used by World Vision to establish a small scale fish farm which will provide healthy protein and help a community build a valuable source of income.

Photos from World Vision website

Photos from World Vision website


If you would like to read about these and other World Vision projects please visit