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10th Anniversary

December 2018

It’s now 10 years since BR and the Hales family became involved with the Shalom Community Development Projects in Southern India.
“Ít’s been a wonderful experience for my wife and I”, commented Geoff, who went on to say “We’ve seen the positive impact it’s made in so many lives, including our own. We’ve been truely humbled as many people in Australia have gathered around us to add their support”.
To see a snippet of what’s been happening over last six months, pleased click on the following link.
25 things we’re thankful for this Christmas …. Shalom News Christmas 2018

Asset Life Cycle Plans

November 2018

It is recognised that good pro-active asset management can significantly optimise service delivery for asset intensive organisations.
For instance, some research indicates good asset management can reduce the cost of asset ownership by up to 40%.
Life cycle planning is a key asset management activity that can significantly contribute to reducing costs whilst at the same time achieving the required performance.
Geoff has been assisting a major water utility with the development of Asset Life Cycle Plans for key asset classes. They address key questions as depicted in the following illustration.

Knowing Whats Critical

July 2018

Investment of resources in managing assets is required to provide a great level of service for our customers. The use of asset criticality is a key approach to optimising such investments.

BR assisted one of its major water utility clients with the development of a framework, methodology and tool to undertake criticality analysis of assets to assist with investment and works planning. They addressed questions and issues that commonly stifle the implementation of criticality assessments, including: what is criticality, how do you assess criticality of different types of assets providing different services (eg a barbeque in a recreational area versus a dosing pump at a water treatment plant), how can resources be efficiently used to undertake the assessments etc.

BR and its client will be presenting on this at AMPeak2019 in Perth.