Monthly Archives: December 2017

Shalom Community Development Projects assisting more villages

December 2017

BR and the Hales family continue to support the Shalom Community Development Projects (refer
Over the last 9 years, 68 children have received care and study assistance through the childrens home. The older boys originally taken in back in 2009 have completed their studies, gained employment, and now are living independently.
The program has started to focus more on helping children, and families in nearby villages. This year this has seen the establishment of new after-school tutoring programs in four villages, and the running of a medical camp in one of those villages.

Back working in the NT

November 2016

Director Geoff Hales has welcomed the opportunity to work back in the Northern Territory with one of his previous clients. He and his wife Karen lived and worked in Alice Springs back in the early 1990s. Geoff fondly looks back on those times, commenting ‘we had a wonderful 5 years in Alice, which included the birth of our two sons and the formation of some great friendships.’

Re-Appointment onto Local Buy Asset Management Panel

July 2016

BR has re-entered into a contract with Local Buy for the Supply of Asset Management Services to Queensland Local Governments (Local Buy Contract No. BUS 252-0615). BR has been appointed under the following categories:

  • General Asset Management
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Tactical Asset Management
  • Operational Asset Management

The arrangement is valid for 2 years with the option to extend this contract for up to an additional 2 years