One of Barnewall Resources main services is in the area of asset management, whereby we assist clients in the management of their civil infrastructure assets (such as roads, drainage, bridges, water. sewerage, wharves etc). We are currently working with several water authorities and local government councils in South East Queensland.

What is Asset Management?

“Asset Management may be defined as a comprehensive and structured approach to the long term management of assets as tools for the efficient and effective delivery of community benefits. The emphasis is on the assets being a means to an end, not an end in themselves.”

(Austroads 1997 Strategy For Improving Asset Management Practice, p4)

In line with the above definition, Barnewall Resources aims to help clients develop and implement good asset management practices that will ensure their assets meet the required level of service, in the most cost-effective way, over the whole life-cycle of the asset.

To achieve this end, engineering principles are combined with sound business and economic practices to develop systematic processes for the effective operation, maintenance, upgrading and renewal of assets.

Benefits of Good Asset Management

Benefits of implementing good asset management practices include:

  • Proactive identification and management of risks to the continuity of service

  • Better utilisation of resources (eg staff and funds) through improved management practices

  • Improvements in communication and relationship between the service provider and its service users

  • Greater transparency of performance, allowing it to be more readily reviewed and improved upon

Resource Links

For further information and resources about asset management, please visit the following links:

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