Key Projects Undertaken by Barnewall Resources since its Establishment in 2003


Undertook role of Senior Asset Engineer within Logan Water’s SAM team, through Cardno now Stantec as part of the Logan Water Infrastructure Program Alliance


Technical assistance with facility criticality analysis undertaken by a SEQld water utility


Provision of technical review services for asset management improvement initiatives in various pacific island countries


Management of an Asset Handover improvement project for a SEQld water utility


Development of water supply and sewerage renewal expenditure and future asset condition forecasts for a NSW Local Government Council


Provision of asset management advice into the development of Asset Life Cycle Plans for a SEQld water utility


Establishment and management of an Expert Panel to provide review and advisory services to a SEQld water utility on its new Asset Lifecycle Approach


Development of Services Standard framework for a SEQld water utility


Project management of an Asset management System Improvement program, in line with ISO 55001, for a SEQld water utility


Development of a framework, methodology and tool for the criticality assessment of water and waste water assets for two SEQld water utilities


Completion of long-term infrastructure expenditure forecast modelling to help local government clients align future level of service with expected funding limitations


Review and development of project proposals, in response to emergent renewal needs, for a SEQld Water Utility


Assisting Leemah Pty Ltd with the implementation and development of outputs for the QLD Roads Alliance Valuation Project


Provision of asset management consulting services (through CT Management) to regional QLD Councils as part of the QLD Local Government Advancing Asset Management Program


Development of Asset and Services Management Plans for QLD local government councils


Development of asset failure data collection guidelines for two SEQld Water Utility companies


Development of Facility Asset Management Plans for 6 treatment plants for a SEQld Water Utility company


Evaluated and reported on infrastructure risks for a new SEQld Water Utility company



Contract management of CCTV assessment programs for a SE QLD Water Service Authority


Provision of asset and project management services to two SE QLD Water Service Authorities


Project management of the implementation of a capacity development project for a major SE QLD water supply utility’s maintenance services section. The work included the development of a Maintenance Services Delivery Strategy, and assistance with the establishment of a Maintenance Services Panel of Providers


Migration of bulk water supply asset and maintenance data for a major SE QLD water supply utility


Development of technical schedules for operation and maintenance SLAs for a major SE QLD water supply utility


Our Principal Consultant fulfilling the role of Technical Director of the Procurement Agency Services, being provided by GRM International, for the 65 Million USD Millennium Challenge Account Program in Vanuatu


Technical review of several water service authorities’ water supply and sewerage management practices as part of the Queensland Treasury’s Due Diligence Review for the new water supply arrangements in SEQLD


Provision of Asset Management Consultancy Services to two South East Queensland Water Service Authorities


Preparation of Business Continuity Plan for a Water Service Authority in South East Queensland


Completion of SAMP Audit for a Water Service Authority in South East Queensland


Our Principal Consultant has acted in various Asset Management Team Leader roles within a South East Queensland Water Service Authority


Assistance to Operations Section of a Water Service Authority in South East Queensland


Project Management of facility asset audits for 3 critical facilities for a Water Service Authority in South East Queensland


Provision of Asset Management Advisory services to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Vanuatu

Other Key Projects Completed by our Principal Consultant from 2000-2003


Project Management of the $12M USD Vanuatu Urban Infrastructure Project


Review and preparation of Total Management and Strategic Asset Management Plans for several Queensland Local Government Council’s water supply and sewerage services


Completion of Strategic Asset Management review, comprising a GAP analysis, for a Central Queensland Water Supply Authority


Completion of security planning and risk assessment work for public water supply and sewerage infrastructure in Queensland

Other Key Projects Completed by our Principal Consultant Prior to 2000


Whilst working for engineering and management consultants GHD

Management of numerous civil infrastructure studies and projects for aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, mines and industries within the Hunter Valley in NSW, and local and state governments in NSW and the Northern Territory

Implementation of asset management systems for several NSW local government councils


Whilst working for Shoalhaven City Council, NSW

Management of the maintenance, renewal and development of roads, drainage and bridges (Central District) and water supply (Central and Southern Districts)

Contract management of the construction of new water trunk and reticulation mains as part of the $18M Southern Shoalhaven Water Supply Augmentation

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not the task itself, but rather our ability to perform has improved.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson