Monthly Archives: December 2019

‘Lets Get Critical’

December 2019

Investment of resources in managing assets is required to provide a great level of service for our customers. The use of asset criticality is a key approach to optimising such investments.

This year Barnewall Resources has seen an increase in work in the area of criticality analysis. We have been assisting a major water utility with the implementation of a framework and methodology that was collaboratively developed last year. It’s been encouraging to see them take a lead in utilising the tool we provided to undertake the analysis themselves. This allowed our role to reduce to more of an advisory/support one. Which is great, as capability development is a key focus and passion of ours.

We also recently started working with another consultancy firm to undertake the criticality analysis for another major water utility.

Earlier this year Director Geoff Hales had the opportunity to present on this subject, with one of our clients, at AMPeak2019. A key part that appeared to be particularly well received was how to get past some of the common stumbling blocks with undertaking criticality analysis.

‘Ondraaga’ – Together Better

September 2019

In September Director Geoff Hales had the opportunity to present on the above topic at Logan City Council’s Engineering Leadership Forum. Ondraaga is the tamil word for ‘together’. People working together can be very powerful and can help ordinary people to achieve extraordinary success. Geoff was able to share several success stories from his experience working with Shalom Community Development Program in Southern India.

qldwater TRG Asset Management Workshop

June 2019

Director Geoff Hales was invited to participate in an Asset Management Workshop with qldwater’s Technical Reference Group and other local government council representatives. The workshop theme was ‘Breaking through the Barriers’, and included presentations on some great initiatives being implemented by several water utilities and local government councils. Geoff had the privilege to chair two panel sessions exploring various relevant asset management topics.