Completion of Stage 1 of Shalom Children’s Home

December 2009

The new buildings

The new buildings

Further to our news of December 2008, we are pleased to announce that Stage 1 of SHALOM CHILDREN’S HOME is now complete and providing care and accommodation for 19 orphan boys.  Stage 1 consists of an accommodation block, kitchen, amenities, electricity connection and a potable water supply bore.  The children attend local primary and secondary schools, receive after school tuition and have access to medical care.

Directors Geoff and Karen Hales had the opportunity to visit the home in June and participate in the opening ceremony.  Work is now underway to develop farming activities, so the home can become self-sufficient.

We are very grateful to our clients for their continued utilisation of our services, and for our sub-consultants who have enabled us to expand our services.  As a result of this, we have been able to make a greater financial contribution to the home this year.