Barnewall Resources contributes to a trust bank group this Christmas

December 2007

We’d like to express our appreciation to our valued clients for their continued support and use of our services during 2007. Once again, rather than giving gifts or hosting functions, we’ve chosen to thank our clients by making a financial contribution to help people in need. This year, we have sponsored half of a trust bank group in West Timor through Opportunity International 

Photo from Opportunity International website

Photo from
Opportunity International website

A Trust Bank is a group of 15 to 30 poor but entrepreneurial people, who co-guarantee each other’s loans in order to start small businesses and support their families.

The Trust Bank methodology is a collateral-free group-lending program used by Opportunity International to service the poorest of the working poor who lack access to credit through any other means because they have little or no assets.

We have been quite impressed with the success of Trust Banks, and their effectiveness in sustainably combating poverty, not just treating the symptoms.

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