Encouraging donation received

October 2011

We were delighted to receive, and pass on, a generous donation made by consulting firms GRM International and Kramer Ausenco to Shalom Children’s Home.   As per the news item back in July 2007, BR’s Director and Principal consultant Geoff Hales was appointed by GRM to work as Technical Director of its Procurement Agent’s [PA] team, which included Kramer Ausenco, for the 65 million USD infrastructure MCA Program in Vanuatu.  Following the successful completion of the program this year, GRM International and Kramer Ausenco made the donation stating it was in recognition of Geoff’s efforts ‘over the last few years on our Vanuatu Program and his leadership role in bringing this [the PA services] to a successful conclusion’.  Our company and Shalom Children’s Home are very thankful for the donation.